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Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program
Find AT
There are literally thousands of assistive technology devices. Finding the right device for you is usually not so simple. Finding the "best fit" between the person, the place, and the device is a process with many steps. The Selecting AT brochure will explain the steps in getting the devices to best meet your needs.

Once you know the steps to select the right device, you will want to know what assistive technology devices are available. There are many ways to find out what AT is available:
  1. Ask friends and family about what devices they use.
  2. Check out the following publications for ideas:
  3. If you are looking for possible AT devices for employment, go to
  4. Contact the Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program for FREE information about possible devices or services to meet your needs (this is information not sales): 
                         Toll Free:  1-866-866-8782
                          TTY:  1-515-289-4069

Woman using head set with computer